Misconceptions About Vaping: Top Vaporizer Myths

 Vape mods are getting popular. However, there are many myths around vaping that people believe. Myths that aren’t the truth and that are preventing people from trying to use the vape mod. It is really important to make sure that you know the difference between what is the truth and what is lies about vaping. This is so that you can know if vaping is something that you can try or not. These are the top vaporizer myths that people believe.

Vaping is just as dangerous and unhealthy as normal smoking

Vaping with the best vape mod in the market is just as dangerous and unhealthy as normal smoking. This is so not true. Even, if you are purchasing the cheapest mod in the market.

Vaping is a lot less dangerous than normal smoking. There are people that are vaping, but that doesn’t choose the vaping flavors that have nicotine in. Or, the nicotine levels are a lot less than normal smoking. Most people are starting to vape, because they want to smoke healthier and even want to stop smoking at all. And, with the different nicotine flavor vaping, you can easily quit smoking altogether.

Second-hand vaping is also dangerous for other people

Second-hand smoke is dangerous for the people around you. We all know that. It might be even more dangerous than for the person that is smoking the cigarette self. And, this is also why people are saying that second-hand vaping is just as dangerous to other people than second-hand smoking.

But, because it isn’t smoke but just flavorful air, it isn’t dangerous at all. Not for the person that is vaping, and not for the person next to him that is inhaling the vaping. But, it stays illegal to use your vape mod while you are in public.

Vaporizers can explode

This is the latest myth about vape mods. They can explode. And, there are many reports of people that were victim to exploding mods. This is complete lies. Vape mods can’t explode, because you don’t use any fire or lighters with the vape mod.

This is electrical mods or it works with batteries. Exploding is just not possible. If you are throwing the mod in a real fire, then it might explode, but this is completely something different.

People that start vaping switch to smoking after a while

No. People don’t go from smoking one of the best vape mods to smoking cigarettes. This isn’t true. There are people that are going from cigarette smoking to vaping and then quitting, but not to learn someone to smoke, or to make smoking a habit.

Smoking and vaping are completely different things. And, it has different results. It isn’t as dangerous as smoking and is much easier to quit smoking, with switching to vaping. Before you decide that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes then you should make sure that you know the difference between the truth and the myths around using the best vape mods.